Sunday, 28 November 2010

Facebook: danger to marriage

Marriage health and survival rate depends on FB use:

Non user and non user – very good
Non user and mild user – very good
Mild user and mild user – very good

Non user and active – good
Mild user and active – good

Active and active – bad
Active and very active – bad
(Couple should sit down and talk or chat online if they like)

Active and very active – bad
Very active and very active – very bad
Couple needs to see a counsellor)

The above is based on nothing, don’t believe it.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Tips on Loosing Weight

Loosing weight is not about eating less. If you try to loose weight by starving yourself you will end up in a hospital or if you are not very lucky you will end up dead.

Loosing weight is comparable to economy. If you earn a lot of money and you spend very little you will end up with more money. On the other hand if you earn very little and spend more than your earning you will end up broke.

The comparison therefore is between money and eating, and spending and exercising, or more precisely: money to calorie and spending to burning calorie.

Hence if you want to loose weight is just burning more calorie than what has been taken. For example if you eat food that has a calorie of “X” then you must engage yourself in an activity which will burn more than X calorie.

A more concrete example is like this. Say for example you ate a large portion of Cheese burger, you take about 800 calories, hence if you want to get rid of this in order that you don’t gain weight, you must do an activity which will spend all these calories. If you want to burn them by slow pace walking, you are burning calorie at approx 140 calorie per hour then you have to walk for about 5 hours and 45 minutes. Or if you want to do it faster, you can run for about an hour. If running for an hour and walking for almost six hours sound too much for you then a large portion of cheese burger is also too much for you.

To know more about calorie equivalent of foods and activities, click the links below:

with a little help from a friend
and I get by
with a little help from a friend.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Earnign cash from your blog

Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with Selling advertisement from your blog is one of the easiest way to monetize your blog.

The banner above will direct you to a website where you canregister your blog so that you can bid to advertisers to advertize in your blog.

The mechanics is just so simple once your are registered. You simply choose advertisements, bid and then wait for the advertiser to accept your bid.

The site has a facility to assess your blog rank and will suggest appropriate pricing for your advertisements.

Try it - it has no catch. Just make sure you read their terms and conditions so that your blog will not be suspended or deleted from their list.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

SEO tip

When your blog is not as popular as others, you don't know if how do you rank in relation to a particular key word. For example if I google my blog title I would find a list of websites but none of which is my blog, so where is my blog in terms of ranking?

Actually there is a tool that you can use from yahoo for free. Just key in a key word or words of your choice and your website and then click then hit enter. Just follow the link to go the tool. Good luck.

Yahoo Rank Checker

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Tips on Understanding Stock Market Jargons

Ever wonder what blue chips are? Do you often hear DOWJones?

What is a bull and what is a bear?

Before you ever try buying stocks you should understand the basic first.

Here is a link that will explain all: With a little help from a friend

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How to Avoid Swin Flu

How to avoid swine flu?

Sometimes traveling is inevitable, hence risking getting swineflu infection is also unavoidable.

Here are some simple things you can do when traveling in order to avoid swine flu.

Wear mask. Though there is no guarantee that it can stop the virus but at least it can minimize the chances. Also we sometimes touch our mouth and nose unmindfully, hence if it so happened that we touch the virus by accident, at least this will prevent a direct contact between your hand and mouth or nose.

Keep distance from people if possible. It is when they sneeze that the virus can be transmitted.

Bring with you a hand sanitzer. Make sure that you disinfect most of the places in your seats where others might have touched, example, seat belt, hand rest, earphones, etc. If hand sanitizer is not allowed in the plane, a wet sanitized tisue is a good alternative.

Avoid using the toilet as it is an enclosed room, i.e. when someone sneezes, chances are the droplets stays in it.

If traveling with children, encourage them to use nappies (extra large and pull ups are prefered.) in order to avoid bringing them inside the toilet.

Wash your hands or sanitzed them frequently. Avoid touching your mouth and nose.

view source how to avoid swineflu

(all you want to know about swinefly - with a little help from a friend)

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tips on how to live a greener life

Tips on how to live a greener life

It's all about climate change and carbon dioxide (CO2) foot print. What is happening or what have been happening is that CO2 emission over the past years can no longer be tolerated by nature to the effect that climate's pattern has been significantly changed. Hence the best solution therefore is to minimize it.


It's down to the big players particularly America and China. Because they are manufacturing load of things, then they are emitting loads of CO2.

On another hand each one can do his own contribution to save the planet. One simple way of doing it is by walking rather than driving. Another is wear jumpers of layers of jumpers indoor rather than use your centralized heating. Walking is good for your health, not using too much heater indoor is good for your skin and scalp.

Saving the Planet = good health and beautigul skin and healthy scalp.